Feeding Ducks at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

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At anytime during the year, there will be hundreds of wild ducks and geese resting here. For the most part, you’ll see the following:

You’ll probably be able to spot a few other species too.

When To Go

You’ll see the most birds during the summer. During the winter, the sanctuary will keep some water open in front of the feeding area. That’ll concentrate all the birds there.

Regardless of when you go, they’ll be wild ducks and geese there looking for a free meal.

Duck Food

They sell bags of corn for $1 when you enter into the main building. They only accept cash. Someone might be at the counter collecting money. If not, it’s an honor system. Just drop the cash in the box for the number of bags that you take.

You might think about bringing along a small backpack. Then load it up with the bags of corn. Once the kids start feeding, they’re going to keep coming back to you asking for another bag. When they ask, take their empty bags and store them in the backpack. The sanctuary asks that you return the bags at the counter where you bought the corn. They try to reuse them if they’re in good shape.

Feeding Fun

While the kids are feeding the ducks, throw a good handful of corn at their feet. The ducks will “swarm” on them so much that they won’t be able to walk in any direction.

After the corn is gone, the ducks will wander off and the kids will be able to walk around again.

Last Bit of Advice

Everyone should bring a second pair of shoes along. You’re going to be stepping in duck and goose poop here and there when you feed the birds. The second pair of shoes will help keep the car clean. Bring a garbage bag or some other container to put the shoes in.

Have fun with the kids!




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